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Enter South Dakota Poultry Industries Association's free Easter Egg Tradition contest for your chance to win a $100 gift card. Three winners will be randomly chosen April 15, 2017.

Simply upload a photo, video or share a written story about your Easter egg traditions. It can be pictures of decorated eggs, family Easter events or anything that reflects the joy of the Easter holiday.

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South Dakota Turkey
and Chicken Eggs

If you’re hungry for delicious, high protein, fresh meals, you can’t beat South Dakota’s eggs and turkey. Both are packed with nutritional benefits and can be prepared in thousands of tasty ways. Plan to come back often for new recipes and to share recipes of your own. It’s time to get cracking with great meals, all day long, using farm fresh eggs and turkeys from South Dakota.

Did you know?
You can keep fresh, uncooked eggs in the shell refrigerated in their cartons for at least three weeks after you bring them home.