About the South Dakota Poultry Industries Association

Since 1944 the South Dakota Poultry Industries Association has promoted and supported our state’s poultry industry. The SDPIA is a non-profit organization comprised of and working for poultry producers and business people within the poultry industry.

The South Dakota Poultry Industries Association’s mission includes:

  • Promoting and supporting all segments of the poultry industry
  • Improving efficiencies of production to ensure a quality, economical and wholesome product for our consumers
  • Encouraging the environmentally friendly production of poultry products
  • Cooperating with the SD Animal Industries Board and the SD Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory to promote poultry health
  • Supporting scientific research regarding poultry production and health
  • Raising consumer demand through promotion of our quality products

The SDPIA is supported in part by poultry producers throughout South Dakota.